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How far to take your home renovation is a personal choice. Getting to that decision can be confusing and the choices overwhelming. We apply our experience in home remodeling to your particular concerns and help you prioritize and sort through the choices. We?order materials, and schedule our team of specialists to carry out the many aspects of the?renovation, from the smallest items (such as changing out your doorknobs) to the largest items (remodeling an entire basement). We want to empower you to feel great about your home.

Two Case Studies

Case Example: ColorScapes remodeled a condo in less than a month. Paint, counter tops and cabinet hardware, furnishings, fine art, spacial planning, new fireplace surround, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and a few other items.

Case Example: ColorScapes?remodeled a historical home in Madison whereby?the owner chose?to remodel?in stages: #1 – Guest bathroom, interior painting including trim and doors, drywall repairs, new banister, stone fireplace surround, furnishings. #2 year -?Mr. Bathroom suite and whole house window coverings. #3 – Followed with exterior painting and replacement of deck with a composite Trek Decking. #4 – Lastly the lower level was completely remodeled starting with new drywall and redefining the space so that?the stairwell and the entire space was more functional. The entire home electrical system was also brought up to code.


Some Items to Consider for a General?Update of a?Home

Color and Style: Lighting?and plumbing fixtures, hinges, cabinet hardware, drapery hardware ?

Doors, Windows, Cabinets, Moldings, Fireplace Surround…Is it time to replace, paint, clean, repair?

What needs attention? What needs a schedule of attention?

Walls, ceilings, furnishings and decor.

Flooring: Carpet vs ?hard surface – Counter tops: Quartz vs Granite…

Fine art, art prints, placement, framing … considerations and recommendations.

What to keep vs what to replace. Shopping services for these items are offered.

These rooms add the value to your home. Find out what is possible.

From roofing to decking?and everything in between.

Let’s make the parts fit the whole!

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From Design to Completion

Let us move you closer to what makes you feel at home.

What Our Client’s Say

Mary was fabulous to work with over the years. She was always patient, going at the pace that worked for me. I would whole-heartedly recommend Mary and her team?for her top-notch design and contracting services.
Karl T.