Choosing color palettes that are?right for you can be fun. You are not alone, though, if you find the decision to bring color into your home overwhelming and confusing.?Color is such a personal choice. It is a reflection of who you are: your style. Color choices provide?personal ambiance in a room. ?It is more important to?identify?great?color relationships than finding just the RIGHT color. I think of the warm colors (reds, oranges, yellows) to be the work horses. Who doesn’t like a warm, lively, and inviting home? And the cool colors (blues, greens, and purples) to provide a sense of peace, distinction, and beauty.

So Why Seek Professional Assistance to find Great Home Color Palettes?

Color adds so much personality to a home. Paint suppliers provide?larger samples, paint test pots, and have brochures with?suggested color combos. Many?individuals, though, become more confused once they begin to apply swatches to their walls. Some considerations that can leave homeowners at a loss for where to start. Considerations such as where to start and stop each color. Or how to make colors work with what they already own?or plan to purchase. We focus on color and design choices that bring out the natural beauty of your home. We consider the natural and artificial light, trim color, flooring, counter tops and decor.

Whether you paint yourself or hire our painters, it is an investment in time, energy, and/or money. ?We don’t believe the adage that paint is cheap, so just experiment. Materials add up and the labor is time consuming, so it is efficient to get it right the first time.

There are differences in professional?s methods and experiences in working with color and design. Our method works directly with the homeowner in their home for paint color, building the palette with decor and furnishings to create the best relationship of color to meet the desired effect. We are?good listeners, engage with our?clients throughout the process, and problem solve to render the?need to experiment with samples or test boards unnecessary.